How To Be Great- An Introduction

Throughout the course of my few but long years, I have uttered but one phrase consistently to anyone who would bother to listen: “I’m going to be great someday”. This would further be followed, in most circumstances with another few words that be extremely vain or ominous. Occasionally both. For example,

  1. I’m going to be great someday, just you wait.
  2. I’m going to be great someday, or at least greater than Trump. It’s a low bar, but he’s president, and definitely gets brownie points for it.

And I think, from someone who has yet to achieve greatness, but will soon, it’s a decent place to start. To instill in yourself that greatness is on the horizon, at least for those who care enough to grasp at it blindly. This being said, it does sound awfully motivational to allow for the idea that greatness is achievable by all. In fact, only a few thousand people have achieved it in all of human history, but perhaps, observing greatness from a different lens might alter what one might consider great. Great, in its definition means to be considerably above average. If one were to allow this to sink in their minds, allow concept to grasp its talons into it and comprehend it, much more than a few thousand could be placed into the great category, but going into this, while possibly fascinating, is not what I wanted to focus on.

Being great, to me, is a series of events that lead to recognition. My great has a laid out plan that revolves around pursuing what I want, and doing it at an above average level.

And I’m terrified I won’t be able to.


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